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Coco Briquettes

Coco Coir Briquettes are small compressed bricks that are made from processed fibres and coir dust, which can be used for mixing with other substrates, as potting mixture or soil conditioner. Coco substrate has excellent water retention capacity and is ideal for the root zone of your plants. Planet’s Pick Briquettes are produced specially for retail markets for users of coco peat, in gardening, cropping and other horticultural applications.
  • Briquettes are specially produced for retail markets for the users of coco peat in gardening, cropping and all horticultural applications

Coco Discs

Coco Discs are made of coco peat and coco chips, and are used as potting soil, mainly in the plantation of Gerbera, Orchid and Anthurium, nursery industry for seed germination, as well as for home-gardening purposes. Planet’s Pick Coco Disks are easily applicable, by just placing them inside the pots, and then adding water to expand the content. Our products are available in different weights and dimensions and can be custom-made according to the client’s needs.
  • Easy application
  • Available in different weights and dimensions.

Grow Bags

Grow Bags are used as a growing medium for food production for crops such as strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers and more. These Coco Coir based grow bags foster extreme root growth and are used in high, medium and low tech hydroponic cultivation and commercial greenhouses worldwide. Planet’s Pick Grow Bags are available in different sizes and come in different combinations of material (coco peat, coco chips) to provide optimum air porosity and water retention that are ideal for the customised solutions according to the customer’s needs. Our Grow bags come with a compressed coir slab, and are ready for planting, when they are filled when hydrated.
  • Availability in different sizes
  • Different combinations of materials (coco peat/ coco chips)
  • Provides optimum air porosity /water retention combinations that suit the customized solutions as per the customer needs.

Open Top Planter Bag

Planet’s Pick Open Top Planter Bags are ideal for crops, flowers and foliage in green houses and home gardens applications in growing hydroponics. They come in convenient “smart sizes” and are easy to handle, which make them very popular among gardening enthusiasts. They are packed in UV treated PE bags, and can be used directly or by laying in containers and pots.
  • Open Top planter bags are ideal for crops, flowers and foliage in home gardens.
  • “Smart in sizes and easy to handle” makes them more popular in the use.
  • These are packed in UV treated PE bags therefore can be used directly or laid in containers and pots.

Propagation Cube

One of Planet’s Pick Coconut Husk based products, Propagation Cubes are made of coco peat or coco chips. The Cube should be pressed into a small slab and sealed to avoid loss of growing media on watering and propagation practices. The unique air and water ratio of the growing medium creates the ideal environment for the generation of young plants, which makes Propagation Cubes perfect for plant nurseries and vegetable growth.
  • Propagation cube is ideal product to use in plant nerseries for propagation of vegitable plants

Vertical Green Wall Slabs

As a result of the rapid urbanisation, the new generation has moved into apartments in the city, where there is no land to practice your green thumb. Planet’s Pick Vertical Green Wall Slabs is the ideal solution for this. This cube could be hung on walls, where flowers or vegetables of your choice could be grown on the slabs. These are designed to function in a limited space and are cost-efficient, with guaranteed results, to turn your apartment wall into a beautiful garden.

Window Gardening Pack

Planet’s Pick Window Gardening Pack is a compressed coco peat slab with slow-release fertilizer packed in a thick transparent plastic bag, which is specially designed for home gardening enthusiasts to grow fresh herbs right at home. This pack could be used on the kitchen window box, the balcony, or on the kitchen table to extract fresh herbs for home-made meals.
  • Window gardening pack is specially designed for home gardening lovers to grow fresh hurbs on the kitchen window box / balcony or on the kitchen table to pluck the fresh hurbs for meal on the kitchen table.