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Fair-share agriculture

Having her roots in a thriving agrarian society, Sri Lanka has always had a strong sense of community, especially among farmers. It is one of our goals at Planet’s Pick to empower the farmers, by providing them with jobs, financial security and improved quality of life. Our facility is located in the middle of a magnificent coconut estate, intercropped with prosperous spices, herbs and medicinal plants, thereby promoting sustainable agriculture as well as togetherness of the community.

Agriculture is Sri Lanka’s lifeblood, and we plan to encourage our farmers to practice sustainable methods to produce organic products, all the while preserving the ecological balance of the soil, and reducing the carbon footprint. Our growers are encouraged to adhere to international standards of agriculture to obtain relevant international certifications which opens pathways to enter into global markets allowing them to become active participants in the Sri Lankan Agricultural Industry’s inroad to foreign markets.

Our farmers are trained and well guided to adhere to organic standards. Thus ensuring only the finest and safest products go into your hands: our esteemed customers.

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