Our fully fledged processing facility

The Planet’s Pick processing facility is located in an 11-acre land, surrounded by more than 600 coconut trees intercropped with many variety of spices, herbs and medicinal plants, in true Sri Lankan glory. Being in Dambadeniya, at the heart of the famous Coconut Triangle of Sri Lanka, constantly inspires us to innovate and create the best organic Coconut products and a range of organic vegan products using locally-sourced quality ingredients which we have been so blessed to have, in the pearl of the Indian ocean.

With our state-of-the-art technology, innovative automation and an expert team of food technologists and agriculturists, we are able to provide unique solutions and cater as per customers’ desire.

At Planet’s Pick, we provide a diverse array of products, all of which are made using the most sustainable methods, high levels of cleanliness and the finest technology, ensuring that the customer gets exactly what they asked for, from product to packaging.

This facility carries ISO 22000:2018, HACCP food certification and EU Organic, USDA-NOP, JAS organic standards including other relevant certifications to ensure that only the best products are delivered to our customers.

We’re located just 2 hours away from the Colombo Port, and is built at a strategic location making it easy for efficient and effective sourcing, processing and transportation.


Coconut Triangle of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has thrived on its coconuts for decades, as coconuts and its by-products account for about 12% of all agricultural produce in the country. More than 66% of the total coconut acreage in the country comes from the famous Coconut Triangle. The three corners of the triangle are Kurunegala, Puttalam and Colombo, and Planet’s Pick is privileged to be located at the heart of this triangle, in Dambadeniya.


Historic Values of Dambadeniya

To be located amidst the ruins of an ancient city and be empowered by centuries of history is an unparalleled feeling. Dambadeniya was the third kingdom of ancient Sri Lanka. Initially used as a fortification built on a rock, protected by a moat, marsh, ramparts and impressive royal gardens, Dambadeniya became significant for keeping the Sacred Tooth Relic protected during the 13th century, during the reign of King Vijayabahu. The kingdom was passed on to his son, King Parakramabahu the II, who took it upon himself to make it one of the most successful and thriving kingdoms the country has had. It was during his time that Dambadeniya truly flourished, and signs of it can still be seen when you visit the historic site.

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