Innovation, Research & Development

At the heart of our organization is our R&D, as we constantly strive to create, innovate and improve our one-of-a-kind organic products. R&D is a key enabler for our future growth, and we develop products based on our expert initiatives from a team of food technologists and agriculturists and customer feedback.

We believe that the concept of planet’s pick will redefine the new era of consumer food culture by focusing on healthy, nutritious and delicious food, using the best of ingredients sourced from this bountiful island of Sri Lanka.

We actively seek means and methods to automate our processes to meet industry standards that can improve efficiency and ensure high quality production. However, we also value the human involvement at the final stage of the production line to physically check all the finished products.

Furthermore we ensure that all our products undergo a proper quality assurance process involving testing conducted by 3rd party labs in order to get an unbiased evaluation. Our team is also dedicated to provide food solutions as per customer requirement, both locally and internationally.

At Planet’s Pick, our products are manufactured according to customer needs and our sustainable packaging solutions is a value addition that further reduces cost and promotes better waste management and hassle-free disposal.

We focus on introducing more innovative products like our Extra Live Virgin Coconut Oil, Drinking Coconut milk and jackfruit curries to our consumers. Our range of products will gradually improve their consumption habits and lead people towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly side. Our goal to pay homage to Sri Lankan ingredients and create organic products with the lowest possible carbon footprint, through innovation.

We are an agile and flexible organization that seeks to improve ourselves everyday. We strive to be up-to-date to be the best in the market and to rightfully enhance quality and range of our products to our consumers. As a consequence we seek support and expertise locally and internationally.

Thus we are always open for collaborations with international partners, strengthen our R&D by engaging with local universities and explore expertise knowledge for innovation. We believe in young-blood to bring in new perspective to the commercial arena for improving our overall value chain

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