Our Story

Planet’s Pick is designed with a dream to deliver planet-friendly products in the simplest and most natural form. It is our hope that this small effort initiated by us will promote and establish sustainability within a community that is enriched by healthy consumption habits and an eco-friendly attitude towards life and nature

In a world where farming, manufacturing and consumption happen against the goodwill set out by our mother nature, Planet’s Pick thrives to be the difference.



To be the most trusted and reliable tropical organic food solution provider whilst ensuring a sustainable growth to our stakeholders guaranteeing a fairtrade approach.


Simply developing healthy food habits together to inspire modern life wellness.

To manufacture natural products using the latest processing techniques, under strict quality guidelines, with a clear focus and dedication towards our strongest perceived stakeholder: the planet.

Ensuring sustainable income streams for the local farmer community by empowering them to engage in organic and natural agricultural practises whilst uplifting them to international standards certifications.

Our Strategy


Better operations towards better living values

  • Unique and latest technology
  • Total quality assurance
  • Lowest carbon footprint and minimal waste discharge – Consciously working towards reducing global warming and adverse environmental and climatic conditions through above practises.

Ensuring the highest level of safety to our Planet’s Pick family

Equality to all whom we work with


Our Values

  • Our word - Our bond
  • Honesty and accountability
  • Quality consciousness in everything we do
  • Confidentiality
  • Responsibility towards the next generation
  • Being reliable and trustworthy