Stepping together towards a brighter planet !!!
Prabhawa in crafting a brighter planet, has kept its initial step with a long term sustainable project of distributing 1000 seedlings of king coconut among the farmer community in Dambadeniya area.
The project aims at uplifting the living standards of farmer community through paving a way to broaden their income streams and aims at acknowledging them with needed technical support in long run to make it more sustainable.

En route to prosperity

Prabhawa being a collaborative effort towards sustainability, extending its contribution to the community recently conducted a two day workshop to the farmer community to whom the king coconut seedlings were distributed at initial stage, manifesting that it is not just a temporary inspiration but a kick-off step in a journey of miles!
The program was conducted with the hope of equipping the farmers with the needed technical knowledge in order to ensure that they get the maximum number of seedlings matured. Hence, the farmers were provided with a comprehensive and practical knowledge on areas like drip-irrigation systems, organic farming to differentiate from the local competition and knowledge about the export market and trends for king coconut to make this golden nut endemic to our little island a brand resoning with Sri Lanka. This way we confidently believes that we will create ample space for the farmer community to enrich their lives with prosperity in long term.


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